During the designing process as regards the boat primary emphasis concerned its universality, security, ease of transportation, simplicity. reliability and durability. Boat is designed both for people who like to sail alone (version-KET) as well as for those sailing with a crew (version-SLUP). Changing the version from KET to SLUP and vice versa takes only few minutes. To steer the boat one does not need any sailing license. High stability, simple rigging, durability and reliability makes the boat very suitable for leisure centers situated near the water and rental. Boat is also dedicated to those with bungalows near lakes and rivers, where the cabin yachts are not needed and for sailors who spend their holidays on a larger cabin yachts and on weekends from May to October require smaller recreation boat which is ease to be transported. AVA is ideal for family sailing weekend and the sailing training, for the scout water team and school clubs.

UNIVERSALITY - The boat can be used not only for sailing but also for fishing and rowing. For this purpose, it was adapted in such a manner that it can be powered using small internal combustion engine or electric engine and it was equipped with oars and horizons.

SAFETY - The boat is wide and the relatively high hull provides high stability and security in the deep comfortable two-level cockpit. The shape of the hull and a high prow ensure "dry" sailing even at high tide. Depending on the strength of the wind, the number of crew members and its ability to turn quickly one can change the version SLUP -12 m2 into KET – 9,0 m2 as well as provide the mainsail sail up to 7,0 m2. Streamlined container on top of the mast prevents the boat from turning upside down and the buoyancy tanks inside the hull guarantee its unsinkability. Safety of clothing and valuables is guaranteed thanks to tight trunks.

TRANSPORT - Boat with moderate weight (hull about 160 kg) and convenient handles can be transported and launched by 3 - 4 person crew and over long distances it can be transported using a light trailer for boats attach to any car. Thanks to the keel and keels at the bottom, the boat is stable on a flat surface and does not require bases.

SIMPLICITY, RELIABILITY, DURABILITY - The equipment and fittings of the boats are simplified and at the same time they are very solid. The hull made of GRP guarantees high aesthetics and long-term durability. Mast, derrick. an outrigger gennaker and steering yoke are made of anodized aluminum, fillings from stainless steel and equipment from plastics. Dacron sails from nylon (gennaker) and movable rigging from high-quality cables. Boat in the basic version can be individually upgraded with higher-end equipment and fittings.

AVA - produced in series by employees of an experienced shipyard KOGA in Miastko distinguished by high quality, durability and reliability. Moreover, its price is more than 2 times lower than the prices of similar boats manufactured abroad.

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