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Since the beginning of the Company, we have produced hundreds of kayaks, angling and recreation boats and canoes that sail on the European waters to this day.

We offer the following models for individual customers:


  • Salina (double),
  • Salina Family (double + child),
  • Yokut/Yokun (double)
  • Sioux, Miwok and Czinok (single)


  • Pima (3.80 m long),
  • Yuma (3.20 m), Sari (2.45 m),
  • Koga 460 (4,60 m) 
  • BL-3 (3,80 m)
  • Wichita Canoe (4,90 m)


  • small (2,5 m) 
  • large (3,8 m)